Secure Communication


Think of DNS as the signposts on the internet. DNSSEC is like an extra security layer that ensures these signposts can't be tampered with by malicious parties. With CyberScanner, you don't have to worry. Our scanner checks if your domain name is well-secured with DNSSEC, making your online journeys safer. With us by your side, your digital doors remain locked, and your online journey is worry-free!     

SSL/TLS Analysis

SSL/TLS and HTTPS are like security guards for your online communication. They ensure your data travels securely from point A to point B on the web. With CyberScanner, you remain in control of these security guards. Our scanner reveals which digital doors are secured with HTTPS and checks if they are configured correctly. We even look into whether they are up-to-date and not using outdated, insecure methods. Your online journey is safer with CyberScanner by your side!     

IP Reputation Scan

IP addresses are like the digital identity of your organization on the internet. It's important that this identity has a good reputation, just like your company has a good name. With CyberScanner, we keep an eye on the reputation of all your IP addresses. If an IP address is on a blacklist, we provide you with information so you can contact the organization responsible for the list to remove your IP address. This keeps your online reputation flawless and trustworthy, which is crucial for your organization's success on the web!