Attack Surface

Discover Subdomains

Subdomains are like different rooms in a big online house. CyberScanner helps you explore all the rooms, even if you only know the main entrance (your main domain name is all we need to start the scan). Why is this important? It not only provides you with an up-to-date inventory of your online properties but also reveals what hackers can see from the outside. With CyberScanner, we map all your subdomains so you can understand and protect your online world. Keep your list of domains up-to-date and keep uninvited guests out!      

DNS Analysis

DNS records are like roadmaps of the internet, and CyberScanner reveals them for you. This feature shows you all the routes and destinations of your online system, just like a map for your journey. Why is this handy? It helps you assess and enhance the security of your systems. Our scanner provides an overview of all DNS records, including information about different domains, their name servers, and record types. With CyberScanner, you can accurately map and manage your digital world. Stay the captain of your digital ship with our DNS Analysis!     

Related Domains

Domains are like digital neighbors in the online world. CyberScanner uncovers these neighbors for you, even the ones within your digital neighborhood (also known as 'tenant') that you may have forgotten. Why is this useful? It gives you a more complete picture of your online presence and helps you understand how all your digital assets are interconnected. With our scanner, you get a list of domains and websites linked to your organization, so you can oversee your online world comprehensively. Stay in control of your digital neighborhood with CyberScanner!