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Small (10 domains)

Perfect for the self-employed, freelancer and small businesses up to 10 (sub) domains.

€ 49,50 per scan

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Medium (25 domains)

For small businesses that are becoming more active online (max. 25 sub domains) and for whom cyber security will play a greater role.

€ 99,00 per scan

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Large (100 domains)

For medium/large companies where cyber security poses a significant risk due to a significant attack surface (up to 100 subdomains).

€ 295,00 per scan

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Mega (250 domains)

For large companies with many systems connected to the internet, cyber security is by definition a must (up to max. 250 subdomains).

€ 495,00 per scan

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CyberScanner is Revealing What’s Lurking in the Shadows

Leaked Passwords Detection

Leaked Passwords Detection is like a digital guard that searches for passwords of your team that may have ended up in dark corners of the internet. With CyberScanner, we scan sources like the dark web and other databases at the time of purchase to see if your organization's login credentials are at risk. Our scanner provides results (including the found passwords or hashes), so you can quickly take action to protect your team!

Subdomain Finder

Subdomains are like different rooms in a big online house. CyberScanner helps you explore all the rooms, even if you only know the main entrance (your main domain name is all we need to start the scan). Why is this important? It not only provides you with an up-to-date inventory of your online properties but also reveals what hackers can see from the outside. With CyberScanner, we map all your subdomains so you can understand and protect your online world. Keep your list of domains up-to-date and keep uninvited guests out!


SSL/TLS are like security guards for your online communication. They ensure your data travels securely from point A to point B on the web. With CyberScanner, you remain in control of these security guards. Our scanner reveals which digital doors are secured with HTTPS and checks if they are configured correctly. We even look into whether they are up-to-date and not using outdated, insecure methods. Your online journey is safer with CyberScanner by your side!

About CyberScanner

Unlock the Power of CyberScanner

What happens when I start a CyberScan?

As soon as you initiate the scan, CyberScanner embarks on an adventurous journey through your specified domain and its hidden subdomains. During this thrilling expedition, it searches for vulnerabilities, security secrets, and other intriguing discoveries. And the best part? You can simply relax because the scan takes a maximum of one hour. Feel free to close your computer, and once the mission is accomplished, the report awaits you in your inbox as a shiny PDF file. Ready, set, scan!  

What are the benefits of CyberScan?

Our scanner is like an eager cyber detective that springs into action the moment you call upon it. The best part? While you sit back and relax, our scanner explores your website and all its hidden subdomains, unravels systems exposed to the internet, discovers open ports and services, and even hunts for leaked passwords within your organization. It also unveils the technologies your systems employ and conducts a thorough examination of the security of all HTTPS connections your systems offer. Explore all the features to learn more.        

What can I do with the results?

The results from our scanner provide you with valuable insights and actionable recommendations. Armed with this information, you can address vulnerabilities, optimize your company's security strategy, prevent data breaches, improve compliance, and build trust. With our scanner, we offer you not only insight but also the power to make your digital world and business safer.